Experiencing an indescribable feeling of wearing luxury items as a young kid, Khan had a dream of building a watch brand that reflects his own style and personal interest. After molding his ideas into designs and finding the right partners for his brand, Khan started Debonair.

Debonair stands for Confident, stylish, and charming, Luxury wear.
The debonair line of watches is a luxury constructed using only the finest materials. The rubber bands we use is a luxury item which has been hand-picked from the best Material brands has to offer. The upper is based on the best manufacturer Stainless Steel and Limited Edition of Automatic Movements.
As a Kid, Debonair had a mix of Cocktails in wearing watches in different Styles.

Inspired by the best Swiss watch built in Asia with the same category quality watch at an affordable price stainless steel, limited edition, waterproof, automatic movement, designed in Amsterdam very indescribable gentlemen | luxury ladies watches with the best automatic movement.

Debonair, It is a lifestyle brand for men and women. Debonair wants to be a lifestyle brand, watches are just the beginning......