About Debonair

Experiencing an indescribable feeling of wearing luxury items as a young kid, Khan had a dream of building a watch brand that reflects his own style and personal interest. After molding his ideas into designs and finding the right partners for his brand, Khan started Debonair.


Black edition

An important aspect of a confident man, is his presence. With our Debonair black edition watch, you will always stand out and be confident!

This watch will make you feel like you are on top of the world, within a few seconds!

Black Edition
Beautiful luxurious watch

High quality design

Debonair values quality higher than looks. A watch can look beautiful and luxurious, but it should always be made of the best quality possible. That is why we put a lot of time and effort in the quality of the product.

Everybody that owns a Debonair watch should be proud of the design and the quality, that is what we care about the most.

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We have a few guarantees at Debonair, this is to provide our customers with the perfect shopping experience and to guarantee them a good and sustainable quality.

If you are interested in why we started Debonair, make sure to look at our About Debonair page here.

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